Dec 032011
Occupy Offenburg

Bubby and Zany are Occupying Offenburg!  This is a good thing!  It also gives me an excuse to cook!  Woot!

Shortly after arrival, Bubby is wearing the new hat we gave her.  Zany is ready to run with the dingoes downtown.
DD decided she needed a hat, too.

They did not make it to dinner
But, my Bio-lachs meal woke them up OK.  I made a mistake at the store and accidentally bought about $40 US worth of organic salmon.  Oops!  Tasted good, though!

I asked my physical therapist to give me his favorite Yule-time German recipe.  He started by telling me I would need to cook with a hose!  This is what he actually meant.  It is a tube of cooking film called Bratschlauch.  You use it to create sort of a fake pressure cooker effect for meats. 

Every market sells bundles of “Suppengrün” or Soup Greens to cook with stewed meats (or, I suppose, soups!).

This is the recipe he gave me.  Tie a scheufele (cured pork shoulder) in with some wine and veggies, then cook slowly in the oven.
A few hours later, this is what we had.  IT SMELLED SOOOOO GOOD!

I decided our meal also needed some roasted root veggies.  Can you smell the lemon and garlic?
It is one of those meals that is less attractive to look at, but Wonderful to eat!  Definitely keeping this recipe!  The meat tastes like a cross between bacon, ham and brisket.

In poking around online I happened upon a recipe for Honeycomb.  Honeycomb just happens to be my favorite candy- and it needs both corn syrup and baking soda- two things Mom brought me from the states.  The decision seemed obvious! 
Chocolate dipped :)

Finished Chocolate Honeycomb- the chocolate didn’t get tempered quite right because it lost some of its gloss, but, that doesn’t seem to be keeping anyone from eating it!

This is my mom and Tom, my physical therapist and guide to all things local.  He really is a sweetheart, and thoroughly knowledgeable in everything Offenburg.  I would happily go hang out just to have him teach me about local culture.

We made the mistake of trying to get breakfast during the Christmas Market in town.  Germans apparently do not have waiting lists or lines for restaurants as we do in the states.  Every place we went that was full essentially chased us away!  We finally found a bakery with some little tables we could stick together.

DD channeling Grandma Estelle


Everyone trying to read a German sign.  It told you how to get a token, go up two flights of stairs and use the restroom!

This little fellow, Karlo, was out and about making friends.

Guess who he decided would be his best friend?
In town we ran into the group at the top of the page handing out papers trying to get together an Occupy Offenburg rally.  There were only about 1/2 dozen of them, but they were giving it the old college try!

Best. Skating. Helper. Ever!
I don’t think that means what they think it means.

Each one of those dark dots is a crow.  They were agitated by the storm we are having.  Can’t tell, but it is windy, wet and cold out!  No snow, but a nice day to be inside!

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