Oct 242011
Looks like a kid with a buzz cut for the summer-  Only, you know, that is not a summer sky!

Hey all.  SO, I am scheduled to get my shoulder fixed tomorrow morning.  After that, I am not sure how long it will be before I can get on to post.  I will be left-handed for about 6 weeks, wearing a fun and stylish pillow brace on the right!  Honestly, I was less nervous about the surgery itself and more about the recovery- until I saw the images of the injections they will give me to numb the shoulder.  I am not sure why they need to do that since I will be under general anesthesia, but,  eww.. Just don’t wanna think about it.  I generally like more information, but I think in this case I could have passed on the pictures!  In any case, I am sure there will be plenty of stories to be told about my adventures, if I can manage to type them in to tell them… left handed.  Wish me luck and good meds!

Oh, before I go, here is a quicky update for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook:

Thursday sucked.  

Seriously.  It was “one of those days” on steroids. Here is how I described it to my family.

“My day so far: Woke up at 4 AM for no good reason and couldn’t fall back asleep. Went to the doctor for a blood test. The girl missed my vein. Got an EKG- they use *suction cups*- felt like someone pinching me in 6 places- vaguely uncomfy. Skin has marks still, 7 hours later. Picked up DS to learn he got into a “tussle” with some older boys at school. The teachers are still trying to sort out what happened. As I am driving home, the gas light comes on. So I get gas. On my way to run errands, the car dies and won’t restart. Some burly German guys help me and the kids push it off the road. David walks over from work to get us. The 24-hour auto service number that VW insisted we use should we break down transfers us twice, then just gives us the number of a tow service- who charges us 130 EU to tow us about a mile. While David awaits the tow service, the kids and I walk the couple miles back home in 40 degree weather. Once we arrive, I call David who informs me that the reason the car died is that I put the wrong gas in it! They found the receipt on the seat. I put benzine in a diesel engine. David says it will cost about 500 EU to flush the tank and replace the important parts.  But, they should get it back to us Monday (knock wood) so we will have it for my operation Tuesday.  Honestly, I am not really upset.  Just kindof wiped.  Can I go back to bed now?”
(Editor note- an earlier version of that section said that DH had gotten into a tussle.  While DH did his fair share of tussling back in the day, in this case, DS was the one involved in some miscommunication-fueled over-exuberant jostling with German Teens.  No one was injured beyond a mildly bruised arm and hands were shaken in the end.)

So, yeah, all that happened.  Car is back today and seems fine, knock wood.  The suction cup marks eventually went away.  I really did look like the Salt Monster from Star Trek had gotten me, though.  This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but gives an idea.  There were, I think, 6 of these all over my torso, and the raised middle section was about 2-3 mm above the rest of the skin:

Speaking of pictures, here are a few other things from the last week or so:

The green pumpkins were yellow inside- interestingly, the orange pumpkins were tinged with green inside, though!

Roasted and ready for mashing

Finished Pie!  Turned out great!

The tree in front of our apartment was covered with all different lady bug varieties.  I always think the black ones are pretty nifty.

But there were varieties with all different numbers of spots and colors ranging from red to orange to yellow to black and in between.  When I opened the car door later, three tried to fly in and had to be discouraged!

The final strip of corn. 
We were working on Halloween/Day of the Dead decorations- DD made a dragon skull, of course!

DS working on a skeletal arm/hand (you can see the radius and ulna lined up with his own- you can also see his missing tooth to the upper right of his smile- lost that this week :)

Finished Dragon Skull

My Dia De Los Muertos inspired skull.

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