Oct 162011
A logging company on the northern end of the Black Forest.

So, after last week’s dismal weekend, we decided this week needed a bit of sparkle!  The trees aren’t quite in full color, yet, but the Schwartzwald is still beautiful.  So, we decided to take a Sunday Drive up to Freudenstadt, a town known for its huge marktplatz (largest in Germany), clean air, and scenic vistas.

This style of architecture is common

As are small towns with pretty churches

The Schwartzwald was a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees.

Conifers with heavy crops of cones on their upper limbs.  We are surprised by the lack of obvious squirrel activity.

Not a bad view!  There were parasailers enjoying the far side of the valley, but I never could get a good photo of them.

Right at the peak

Unable to see

Enjoying the view, er behind them!

Trying not to crack up.
Hey, where does that go?  (it was too steep for me, I will never know!)

Another Hotel Dreikönig- this one in Freudenstadt

In Freudenstadt- not something we would be likely to see in LA! The dog is easily as big as a small pony!

We stopped at McD’s (Sunday, not much open)- He meandered on through!  (Actually, we discovered a lot of restaurants open in the very touristy town square, but we didn’t know that at this point)

Part of the main square- that church was built in 1601

Pretty details on the old church

I think the fountain was added later 😉

Nice playground- this structure had a working water pump and pathways- DS couldn’t resist!

Coolest lawn “weed” ever!!

You can see them all over among the fallen leaves

One of the more modern sculptures in town.
On the way back, we stopped at a roadside veggie stand

This one was larger than most and had some accessories

Dragon Fruit?

For some reason, these cows seem to wander around near tourist traps

More fun stuff in the bins

I have been unable to find canned pumpkin, so I decided to try fresh- even though past attempts have failed- This one said it was good for pie, so we got one.  Green pumpkin pie may be a bit odd, though!  We also got…..

 the last one of these…  I am hoping to have gotten enough for two pies.  We shall see.

Nice display!

Our two pumpkins.  Now I need to figure out what to do with them to make them pie ready.  Other fresh pumpkin pies have been stringy, and, honestly, I never really liked the butternut squash pies as much as canned pumpkin.  So, we will see what we can do before my shoulder is out of service!

We arrived home to the discovery that they have harvested some of “our” corn field! 

Quick Update of Other Stuff:

We had already had a “Strike Day” for France, so this week we took a “Paperwork Day” in Germany.  The Ausländer Büro is only open from 8-12 each day, so we had to pull both children out of school to go down and apply for our visa renewals.  Took about 2 hours, then we went to the county offices to file our next set of paperwork for our Driver’s licenses.  They sent us to the City offices, where they told us they would just be sending it back to the County office!  At each step we tried to pay, and we finally got the City lady to take 7 EU…. So, of course, yesterday we got notice that we owe them about 70 EU and they won’t move forward until we pay.  I guess some things are the same everywhere!

Ordered furniture!  Next week we should get two large wardrobes for the master bedroom, and a few days later we will receive a large bookshelf for the livingroom.  One of these days soonish we may actually get all our boxes unpacked and stop living out of suitcases!  Woot!

Kids are doing well.  DD seems to be especially thriving right now, knock wood.  She has discovered that her art skills translate well across culture and that her willingness to assist other students with their math and technology work is also much appreciated.  Likewise, her unwillingness to brook BS from anyone means that she is able to stand up to the few obnoxious bullies who do wander the halls of hogwarts.  She sent a group of burly French boys packing when they were getting in the face of another girl with her and herself. But not before, she says, they showed appreciation for her art, which she found amusing.  Way to go DD!

DS is still struggling a bit more, but he is likewise discovering that his superior size aids in many tricky situations. He also is rather surprised to discover that he *is* actually pretty good at soccer!  Who knew? Right now we are working with him so he will be able to take the train more often on his own when I am unable to drive.  Honestly, this freaks me out, but there is a lot of growth opportunity there.  Knock wood.

Here are couple new fun signs- think of them as my moment of Zen:

We get a LOT of silly little bands and acts wandering through.  Most look like this (looked these guys up, their latest single is “God’s Pimp” on their CD “Pussy Lounge”  Classy!!!)
But things like this are equally common- note, the guy with what appears to be a red VELVET bagpipe.

Obi is celebrating “Beaver Bonus Week”, this display advertises their bonus book.
Here is Beaver and friends!

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  1. My favorite of the silly band advertisements was definitely “Powerwolf”, who turn out to be every bit as poserific as you would expect them to be. Looking them up online reveals them to be godawful doofy. Fun stuff.

  2. I have a vague recollection of Laura Ingalls making a “green pumpkin” pie (an unripe pumpkin) and Pa saying it tasted like apple pie. forget which volume it was in…. -bd

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