Sep 042011

To celebrate the end of the kids’ summer break we went to the nearest Zoo of Size that we could find- in Karlsruhe.  That is city about a 45 minute drive to our North.  Turns out it has a nice big palace  in the center of it that serves as a museum (which we will attend at another time).  Actually, there are a lot of museums in Karlsruhe.  This is where the kids went with their Teen-Integration group, as well.  We noted the German influence of Order + Art throughout.  Animals were all much closer and generally separated from humans far less than in the states.  We believe this is because the expected behavioral norms here dictate that humans will be a danger to neither the animals nor themselves.

(Reminder, you can click on any photo to see an enlarged version of it in your browser)

The zoo is in a big park with lots of fun things to do

This was a popular game

Lots of nice art, too.  This is a drinking fountain.

Pelicans surround a ghost boat.  They had lovely boats on a track going around the park, but when we arrived they were all empty and being run anyways.  Sort of eerie!

Behind this nekkid statue of Adam is a kid playset.  We all noted that Nekkid Guy would be an unlikely guardian for a kiddie playground in the US!

Eve was right across the way- complete with unmistakably suggestive serpent

The peacocks had an easy way onto the roof

These sheep reminded me of tiny bison

DD having a moment with the leopard

We noted that the animals in this zoo were far closer to the humans than would be acceptable in the US.  We could have leaned over and put our hands in the leopard exhibit.  We believe that the Germans are more comfortable assuming that no one would do anything so Stupid!

These cranes were engaged in some sort of intricate (mating?) dance

There were two chimps hanging out right next to the glass.  I watched as one used straw to clean off her leathery skin.  This guy was having a moment with the family next to us.

Being groomed by the beaver

Just me and a couple other CA natives (sea lions).  It may have been a wee bit humid (rained as we left) so please excuse the frizzy hair. Actually, it started raining as soon as we got home, so I guess we timed it just about perfectly!

Lovely gardens throughout

Momma seal feeding baby.  She kept a wary eye on the crowd as she conducted her business.

LOVED this sculpture, dated 1902

Peahen and her chick wandering the park

This is at the town center of Karlsruhe.  Nice little wood burning train- smells like a crackling fireplace!

One side of the palace

Nifty sculpture/bench

They had beer and food stands everywhere in the commons.  Ready for Octoberfest so soon?

Another angle on the car

We got some “Largos”, which are apparently a specialty food from “Ungarn”.  I do not know where Ungarn is, but I approve of their food- sort of a beignet-like fried bread served with anything from powdered sugar to garlic and cheese and ham!

The other side of the palace.  The main gardens were behind me and currently under renovation.

We parked next to Stephanienstrasse!

This is the art and tech museum where the kids went before.  Cool Car Art here, too!

Pilsner and Sushi- is this a German Thing?

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