Aug 092011


Got a call yesterday that says that our stuff will arrive Wednesday night or Thursday morning!  Computers!  Clothes!  Stuffed animals and games!  3.5 months into our adventure and all that packing will apparently pay off :)  Woot!

And Yipes!

Seems so long ago

Remember how tiny those 7x7x11 crates looked when we were trying to decide what to take back in March?  Now that we are fast approaching autumn and living in a place less than 1/2 the size of our old one (with no storage!) those crates in my mind seem impossibly huge.  How will we ever fit even our most necessary possessions comfortably into our new home?  Clothes alone will overwhelm us.  Heck, BEDS will overwhelm us!  We have lived out of a single suitcase each for the past 3-4 months.  And there is simply nowhere to keep all the spare towels and bedding I packed with all our breakables. I never anticipated the level of compactness of this particular German abode.

Then there is the fear of what won’t arrive safely.  What if the computers are damaged?  Or worse, what if somewhere along their journey our items picked up (cringe) bedbugs!  Eeep!

But, all that is just letting my imagination get the better of me at this point.  First we need to actually get the stuff here!  Even now I wait by the phone for confirmation of their schedule.  I guess it will be sort of an exciting and emo-filled pseudo-Christmas as we open all the boxes and memories flood in.  Like a family trip to the attic.  Plus, as big and overwhelming as they are, I am soooo looking forward to having a real bed again!  This lovely Ikea couch is HARD.  Add that to cement floors and concrete walls and wooden benches and our life is pretty much all unyielding solids.  A few soft comforts from the US could really make this a more welcoming place- especially once winter arrives!

So, anyways, that is probably Thursday since they have to make several deliveries in Paris on Wednesday before heading our way.  The following Tuesday, David takes his trip to Köln (Cologne) for the big gaming convention.  Wish him well.  The company could use some security in the form of more work, and David’s team is on a sales run.

Then, just after he gets back, the kids and I are going on an overnight trip to Switzerland!  I am really looking forward to that!  Actual European Travel!  And Friends!  

So, already a busy month shaping up.  But the normal hustle and bustle doesn’t stop.  Also on the list this month: we have to get our car inspected, we need to get paperwork so I can take German classes, we need to get started on studying for the German drivers exams, and, of course, we need to learn as much German as possible and review all the standard subjects to prep for the kids to start school!  DD starts the first week of September, so time is slipping by quickly.

Oh, and we need to fill out our television tax form.  18 € per month for having a TV in your house.  Ouch.  And still more paperwork!  Germans really, really love the paperwork!

But, today.  Today there is not much happening.  Cloudy and rainy out- even a little cool.  Making chicken stock, cleaning up in prep for the move-in.  David has the car, so the kids and I will stick close to home.  Thinking I may make a loaf of bread. 

Oh, speaking of bread, there is something I didn’t share.  Had my worst kitchen disaster since moving here!  Tried to convert a batter bread recipe to fit in the pyrex baking bowl I have here, but, er, I failed.  Think of Lucy and Ethel’s experience with the huge loaf that took over the oven and you get the idea.  Batter bread everywhere!  I should have taken a picture, but at the time I was completely demoralized!  Now, well, yeah, ok, it was pretty funny :)  Obviously I have yet to master the whole European Cooking Experience.

So, anyways, that is where we are at.  Prepping for the move-in, prepping for school, prepping for travel.  Should have some good pictures in weeks to come :)

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