Aug 012011
DS and a mural outside the school- That quote at the top right is an unusual choice!

DS has been accepted to Durmstrang South and will be starting there in mid-September.  He and DH went down this morning and met the principal who helped the fill out the paperwork and got DS two books at the library (both in German).  The school is located at the base of the hills of the Black Forest in Gengenbach, Deutchland.  The town itself is known for being picturesque and having the “Worlds Largest Advent Calendar“.  Apparently DS can take the train from Offenburg and a schoolbus will pick him up and take him to the school.  Both of which are good, since his school is approx 20 minutes to the south of our house and DD’s is about 20 minutes to the north!  Definitely more adventure to come!

DS really likes the physics part of the mural

Modern compared to Hogwarts- that is the Black Forest in the background

One of at least 2 outdoor pingpong tables.

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  1. Glad all your school issues are sorted. Love the new blog lay out. Would love a kids perspective once they start school, if they are into it.

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