May 262011

Today we took possession of our new apartment!  Woohoo!

We met the landlord, did a walk through, signed paperwork, went shopping, and started painting!  Ok, that project will not be a quick one, and honestly I am now too tired and sore to blog much.  But folks asked for photos, so here are some pictures of our adventures from the last couple days:

Why we need to paint- apparently there was furniture there.

Bringing up the Big Bucket of Paint
Phew, Made it!
How not to get paint on your shirt according to DS
getting set up
She claims it will eventually look like a forest
I didn’t bring any scungy clothes, so the oompa-loompa look is sposed to keep my stuff clean

 A few other interesting tidbits from the last couple days.  DD says that “Germany is just generally pleasant”.  I think she may be right about that!

Cool Bug DS found
DD is still the bug whisperer, this damsel fly needed a hand out of the home supply store
View from our new kitchen window.  Could do worse than a corn field!
There is a lake 2 blocks from our current abode in Auenheim- who knew?
Hail- during 80 degree Fahrenheit weather…. in case you need some refreshing?

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