May 222011
This damsel fly tried to hitch a ride on David’s pants.

Saturday Recap

So, yesterday was all about shopping.  Since he works pretty standard hours,  Saturdays are really the only days when I can take advantage of David’s superior German abilities and show him the wonderful places that the kids and I researched during the week.  Yesterday, we went to a local furniture store “Möbel SB”, and down to Obi, an enormous Home-Depotish place that also carries auto supplies, art supplies and bicycles.  We bought paint and assorted paint-project-oriented goods then spent some time debating our respective ideas and assumptions about decorating the new apartment.  Oddly, I discovered that my husband believes that if you have beige walls you must also have beige furniture.  Also, until I showed him the price of colored paint, he thought painting one wall an accent color was “weird”.  Who knew?  The kids, on the other hand, really like bright/dark colors.  We talked them down from the most garish tones, but DD will have a bright green wall, and DS will have one in ocean tones.

Sunday Outing
With that debate under our belts, we thought today would be a great day for a family drive to further explore our area.  I printed up a quick map, we picked a direction, and away we went!  As we were leaving our house we happened to glance over at the space in front of our landlords’ house.  Check out the tractor!

Bearnt had mentioned owning a tractor, but I was surprised to see it here today.

Off to the Black Forest
Then it was off into the Black Forest (Schwartzwald).  In may ways, the area reminded me of some of the back roads in Santa Cruz- like driving up Highway 9.  Motorcyclists were plentiful, as were biergartens and the like catering to them.  The whole zone is sort of a Historic Drive through timber towns.  At one point our route took us up into a more hilly region, and the narrow winding road was a little less comfortable- but still aesthetically gorgeous.  I can see why the motorcyclists love it.

It was difficult to take photos while we drove, but, eventually we got to an even more picturesque burg  than most and we went ahead and got out of the car.  Oberharmersbach seems to be a pleasantly touristy town.  It has a large, lovely church called St. Gallus, some tasty and whimsical public art, and a couple historic museums.  There are also a lot of too-spendy-for-us gasthaus and biergarten establishments that were even open on Sunday.  Here are some photos from our explorations:  

(Reminder- photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)

Bears seem to be the mascots of the town.  I think this was a town information center of some sort, but I liked the statue.
We looped through about 1/2 of this region
Black Forest sites
May pole and civic organizations
There really were a ton of bikers around!
DD stopping to smell the flowers- these large blooms are common.
I enjoy all the flowers
This historic building had been transformed into a museum.
 Here is a labeled tree trunk with historic events on it.
Bringing history alive
Water wheel
The museum itself was closed, but many exhibit items were just outside with labels.  You could touch at will

I really loved this fountain 

No clue why the bears and man seem to be carrying cooking implements….

He seems to be holding a fork

Club or spatula, you decide…

 Here are some photos of the beautiful church:

Her inscription says: tut was er euch sagt.  Doesn’t seem to translate well, though. 
St Gallus from the street
St Gallus from the front
Alter area- vibrant!
Stained glass
Pipe organ

This little town (Zell Am Hammersbach I think?) fascinated me- it seemed filled with gingerbread houses, like San Fran:

Not sure the picture does it justice

On the way back home we made another discovery:

Hey, what is that up on the hill?
A castle!  I think I know where we will need to explore soon!

(We think this may be Schauenburg? stay tuned!)

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