May 072011

The step back

Having started the process of applying for an apartment, it occurred to us that we should check in with our moving company and find out what the ETA on our stuff was.  So, I sent out a chipper letter to our move coordinator (the one who mailed me wrong and said we were going to India) explaining that we were in the process of finding a place to live and asking how far things had progressed on their end.  Her response was, er, shocking.

She was glad we were getting settled, but she wondered why I had never responded to either of her email messages: one on April 21 and one on the 23.  Our credit card had been denied and none of our items could be moved until the bill was settled!!!  Also she was going on maternity leave and passing us off to yet another move coordinator.  Um, WHAT?

First off, I checked my mail.  No letters from her were in there or in my junk folder.  Second, our Visa is tied to our main bank account, which had plenty of money to cover the bill.  I was boggled, David was, er, loudly annoyed.  Honestly, I was more than a little annoyed, too, but there really wasn’t time to holler, we needed to get this resolved.

Long story short, apparently our Visa had a built in daily limit that the bill to the movers exceeded.  I guess we had never tried to charge that much on it before?  We had to make a few phone calls, but eventually we got our bank to clear things up on our end.  The local Santa Clarita branch manager went the extra mile and got everything cleared to go during business hours on Friday.  I notified our move coordinator, who sweetly told me that it was late in Germany and I should go to bed.  She would deal with things on Monday.  Eye-Roll.

She also (as I requested) sent me estimates on how long it would take to get our stuff.  I hope to heck she was padding them because if her numbers are right we are not going to get things in the 5-6 weeks that we were quoted originally.  It will take a full 2 months!  No one ever figured out how the email never made it to me.  Nor was any mention made of why she didn’t try to contact David or my mom, both of whom were listed as alternate contacts.  Not meaning to be catty (well, maybe a little), but I hope Jessica is a better mom than she is a move coordinator!

The silver lining, I guess, is that we actually weren’t bringing that much!  Furniture-wise, there are really only the three beds to worry about.  Otherwise it is just all personal items, clothes, computers, toys, kitchenware and books.  It will be inconvenient to be without them for that long, but, really, we had planned to replace so many things that once we do, the inconvenience will be greatly diminished.  I may have to invest in some cheap cooking pans and we may need to borrow a few more items from David’s co-workers. But I think we will make it work, knock wood.  Cause, really, isn’t that what this whole trip is all about?

Next up- Another step forward and David Speaks!

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