May 042011

We should have some more interesting stories to relay quite soon.  Progress is being made, but it is always slower than desired. In the mean time, here are some photos of things that caught my eye around the little village where we are currently living.  This is Auenheim- which is sort of a bedroom village to a small town next to a big city located along a small river that runs into a big river.

A local gasthaus with a decorated tree on the top- is this common?

The bottom part

Their menu

About 2 houses down from the gasthaus

Apparently been there a while, the placard claims 1773?
Google translate fails with the rest, though:
I respect your halls the same as the rain Waller
the mending of the roofs and that you envy me already
  Müllen but you suffer dak God is my helper
As best I can read it should you care to take a stab at it:
Ich achte dein haller gleich wie das Regenwaller
das von den Dachern flickt und ob Sie mich schon neiden
 so müllen Sie doch leiden dak Gott mein helfer ist
People around here are serious about laying away wood for the winter!

Is this person laying away coal for the winter?

House under construction.  Very different than CA.  Are the bricks some sort of ins ulation?
House on the edge of Auenheim.  Made to look like a log cabin… with solar?  Lincoln would have been amazed!

What is next to the log cabin

I KNEW there had to be a bakery somewhere in the neighborhood!

Poor flat gnome!

These little red beetles LOVE the tree by the church.

A back door on the church. 

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