Apr 242011

Honestly, the last week is a bit of a blur.  I know I did a lot.  But details are a bit fuzzy right now.  Ok, honestly, with jet lag and all, EVERYTHING is a bit fuzzy right now!  Here are a few things I know I did and did not do this week:

  • DID- pack up all the essentials in the house.
  • DID- learn that “essential” doesn’t mean what I used to think it meant.
  • DID- give about 5 full pick-up-truck loads of STUFF to the Salvation Army
  • DID- sell my car
  • DID- contact all of our utilities, banks, and other folks we typically do business with and canceled services and let them know we were moving
  • DID- hand the rats over to a good home
  • DID- miss them more than I expected
  • DID- hand over and begin missing the cat to a different good home
  • DID NOT- learn much German- plenty of time to do that now that we are here!
  • DID NOT- find a new home for much of our furniture- anyone wanting bookshelves or kitchen islands or china hutches or folding tables or a washer or dryer should feel free to break into our old house and take them.  I can tell you where the key is hidden.
  • DID- adjust my expectations to accept that I did not find a home for much of the furniture
  • DID- fit all the boxes and the three beds into our 2 liftvans.
  • DID- fit the cedar chest from the end of our bed, 1 folding table and 4 folding chairs
  • DID NOT- fit any more furniture than that.  IKEA will be our friend!
  • DID- remember to pack a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes in my luggage
  • DID NOT- remember to pack the rest of my shoes for shipping to Germany… whoops!

  • DID – Realize and remember just how lucky I am to have the family that I have!  I come from amazingly helpful and generous people! 
Special Thankful Shout out to my Mom, Mark, Dad and Connie who all came out and lifted and cleaned and erranded and hauled and provided support on moving day.  I could never have pulled this off so successfully without your help!!!

 When I get them from my dad, I will post some photos from Moving day.  Until then, I will go work on describing the trip here and first impressions :-)

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