Apr 162011

David’s first day back after his sick day, he was feeling rather cranky.  

He still hadn’t been able to find a market that he liked, he was tired, sick, missing us and frustrated by the not-so-affluent village vibe (and accompanying inconvenience) of our local digs.  It was late night for me and first thing in the morning for him as I tried to help locate likely shopping zones.  Specifically we wanted ones that might be able to supply him with some of the items on his growing list of necessities (soft toilet paper and a working razor being chief among them).  He was a little snappish, and I wasn’t all that patient.  His ride Sanja, arrived as we were still making up.  So, I went to bed a little out of sorts, but pretty well exhausted.  I think I am fighting his cold.  How I could be fighting his cold from the opposite end of the world I don’t know. Sympathetic illness indeed.

The next morning I slept in as well as I could.  DS had his science class, so we couldn’t rest indefinitely.  Reluctantly, I dragged myself out of bed and over to the computer- 

where I was greeted by no fewer than *6* emails & 4 open writes- from my usually impassive husband. One even bore the subject “Yay Yay Yay!”

(Happier David!)

Not only that, but one of the locations I had pointed out on the map had yielded a small mall that included a full supermarket and an electronics store (Point to Stephanie)!  

And his work group was going to Sucker Punch that night! (….ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  He did say that is was rather a bonding experience to have the entire company sitting there together, uncomfortably squirming in their seats, though!  Ouch….)

The Move is ON
All that was yesterday morning.  Yesterday I spent coordinating with friends and family to try to figure out when I could work in the actual move. Turns out, with some effort, I THINK we can do this thing pretty quick.
So, now it is up to me to make this thing happen.  I contacted our top pick movers, Suddath, to accept their bid.  It was actually one of the more expensive ones, but we liked what we researched about them and they had proved relatively easy to talk with.  Our move coordinator, Michael, requested that I fax him our signed bid, which I did.  At which point he turned us over to Jessica, who is taking over for the rest of our move.  She immediately emailed us (getting my email address wrong, so it only went to David) with the following (emphasis mine):

Dear Mr and Mrs. Paris,  
I am pleased to confirm that I will be handling the coordination of your household good move to India.   I will be your main point of contact concerning this move from now until delivery and below you will find all my contact details.  The best form of communication is by email and it will be my most frequest form of communication with you.  If I am not in the office, my emails are always monitored.  

Holy moly!  Not the best way to make a first impression!  David mailed Michael who confirmed that she was, in fact working with him and that he was sorry for any confusion her “minor typo” had caused.  Minor Typo to them, different continent to us!!!

Germany = Orange, India = Green

So, here was my day: 

  • Get up  and return emails
  • Messenger my way through helping Hubby set up our flights through the less-English savvy admin while she works with a German travel company… that is right, 4 layers of “Telephone” to get that puppy done.  But, other than calling DD “Mrs.” and being completely baffled by our long, confusing, non-German naming rubrics, everyone did eventually make it through fairly unscathed.  Knock wood!
  • Grab donuts at the place next to the UPS store
  • Wait for old man with the bum leg and wrong fax number to remember the real one so the clerk can fax his 15 page document
  • Fax the movers with the signed quote
  • Get the kids’ hair cut
  • Pick up 2 additional full adapters and several plug adapters at Radio Shack
  • Drive past the defunct Staples and the defunct Office Max on the way to the remaining Staples to purchase $30 of cyan & yellow ink so my printer will permit me to print an all black and white document
  • Stop at Target to get socks for DD and pick up a supply of Lactaid for the trip (no way I am skipping milk-based goodies just cause we can’t find the right store to purchase a solution!)
  • Grab lunch
  • Return home and start on paperwork
  • Take a facebook break
  • Send emails trying to coordinate with the nice family buying my car, the nice family taking the rats, my aunt, my mom, my dad, the moving company, and a couple other sets of friends.
  • Field phone calls from many of those parties
  • Fill out more paperwork.  Did you know you need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in order to hire a company for an international move?  The IRS supplies it, but the Census Bureau requires it! The census bureau?  The census bureau only has a job every decade or so.  When they team up with the IRS to create paperwork hoops, you KNOW you must be doing something serious!
  • Try to renew my prescriptions so I will have meds for the trip
  • Field phone call from my doctor telling me I haven’t been to see her in almost 2 years.  Re-explain that we are moving to Germany!  Scripts should be on the way.
  • Scan in all our passports (for customs) and the contents of my wallet (credit cards and drivers license for records).
  • subdue panic attack by working on my blog!

Where do we stand now?

Saturday- Pack, set up online statements for everyone who still sends me stuff snailmail
Sunday- Pack and/or go out to Rennaisance Faire (looking less likely as I think on it)
Monday- Dad comes to help us pack and deal with Stuff, order Euros, cancel utilities, etc.
Tuesday- Pack and see friends who will take rats
Wednesday- Not sure how I am working this one yet… final packing, kids are supposed to have a play date and I am selling my car…. Stay Tuned
Thursday- MOVERS
Friday- Plane!
Saturday- Arrive in Germany (Also, DD’s birthday!)
Wow, a week doesn’t look very long when you put it that way, does it?

May not blog a ton between now and the flight.  We shall just see.  Now it is dinner time and then bed for the kids and packing more in my bedroom.  More when I have the chance!

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  1. You are amazing. This thing is going to happen whether you think you are ready or not, try to enjoy as much as you can!

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