Apr 132011

Poor David was actually feeling sick enough to stay home today.  In our 20 years together, I can probably count the number of sick days he has taken on my fingers, so this is indeed an indicator of just how cruddy he is feeling.  He spent most of the day sleeping on the couch.  But, he also thought it might be a good time to brave the basement and get some laundry done. 

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier blog that we have a keen awareness of what “adventure” really means.  Think of any classic adventure story, say The Hobbit for example.  Now, all things considered, you would have to say that Bilbo is far better off for his time with the dwarfs.  Plus, it makes for a great story!  However, pick just about any page in between the time when he leaves his cozy hole without a hat or pocket handkerchief and when arrives back home with lessened respectability but some bitchin’ mithril armor and a cadre of new friends.  That page probably includes fear, struggle, discomfort and maybe even bloodshed!  Given we are talking Tolkien here, it may also include a song or two, turves (look it up!) magic and elves.  But I digress 😉  My point is that adventures usually include many aspects that are less fun in the experiencing than the retelling.  Case in point: the German washing machine.

That’s it.  Off to the left there.  Cute little thing, isn’t it?  I think it may be about the same size as the fridge.  I am not sure why German appliances all seem to be so small, but so far, they do.  Front loading.  That can be efficient.  But, well, let me have David tell it in his own words:

So I tried to use our washing machine today and found it pretty cryptic with its entirely German instructions.  I even have a manual, but no luck there.  The words it uses are largely not in my dictionary so it wasn’t making a lot of sense.  Finally I got it to run on what seemed a reasonable mode, and it did then finish.  Then I couldn’t… open it… ever.

It simply would not open on any setting.  I ended up running everything again (twice) but no luck.  Finally I went and asked the landlord how to do it and he… couldn’t open it either 😉

The water wasn’t draining, so he opened a runoff valve and dumped water all over the floor and made a huge mess.  Then still couldn’t get it open.

Fortunately the heavy guns arrived – his wife, along with their 2 year old son (they have a 9 year old son too).  She read the instructions and scratched her head too, and the husband finally figured it out – the door is a bit deformed so if you push it in at the right place you can get it open.  Yay!

He then unclogged the floor drain (leads to a big pit under the house and a runoff pipe I guess) and cleaned up the water and we were good to go.  The laundry ran.  There’s a spin dry (which doesn’t completely dry but it starts), and then you hang it on the rack after that.  Test load one eventually successful and now drying.

So, there you have it.  Yet another adventure, albeit with a happy ending!

Laundry drying.

David also defied his cold long enough to explore the immediate Auenheim area near the house.  Unfortunately the corner market we thought he would find seems to have gone out of business.  But, there area is pleasant.  Here are a few of his random finds.

Pretty sure this is a church!

David says a lot of buildings look like this.  The purple one is kind of fun!

Grave Stone Carver…. right next to the defunct grocery… things that make you go “hmmmm”
A kindergarten
War memorial at the supposed church

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