Apr 092011

Well, David has been in Germany for 3 days now, and the guy has been busy!  Aside from walking an average of 5 miles per day, he has also worked two days, started making some good contacts at work (knock wood), sent in our application for the International School, and (and here is the kicker) lined us up some temporary housing!  Oh, and he has even taken a few moments to satisfy my intense need for photographs.  So, here we go, let me share what he has shared so far!

First, here is his hotel and the local town:

(Click on each photo for a larger, more detailed version.)

This is David’s hotel, Hotel Europa.  It is getting  a face lift and has good breakfasts.
The local shopping zone/ mini-mall.  About a mile from his hotel.

German signs, just in case you weren’t convinced of his location!
All the comforts of home.  Yes, soda is served with ice.  The burgers taste different.  And Diet Coke is “Coke Light”.
The train station

Somewhat blurry, but this sign at the train station says that Freud fled through Kehl on his way out of Germany.

Next up, Work and the walk to it:

David says the default here is “pretty”.
Rhine River on the walk to work.
Industrial zone, Germany style.  Near work.
David’s desk.  He is in a smaller room with the other 3 “special projects” guys….
… who apparently appreciate Tarantino

Ok, now on to the temporary house!  One of David’s co-workers had a neighbor looking for someone to rent this house short-term.  David went with her to check it out and was so impressed that he agreed on the spot.  He says the neighborhood is full of kids and that the landlady has kids almost the same ages as ours.  He will move in on Monday.  It is in the next town up, so he won’t be able to walk anymore.  He will carpool with his co-worker, Sanja (Said Sahn-yah) and then take a bus home (as he has different hours than she does).  Here are some photos.  I wish he had taken one of the kitchen, but that will come on Monday, I guess!

View of the neighborhood from the (somewhat scary) deck.
The smaller bedroom.  Bright and yellow!
Dining area.  Nice hutch!
Living room (attached to dining) with a wood stove and working TV.
Landlady and stairs.  She doesn’t speak English but David says she is very nice.
And a view of the neighbor’s yard with bouncing kids.

So, I think that is it for now!  David plans to do more exploring tomorrow, since it is weekend.  We are hoping the paperwork comes through REALLY SOON NOW.  Please keep good thoughts on that one for us!  If I had a camera I could also show you all the growing pile of boxes in the living room and the diminishing of everything everywhere else!  Oh speaking of There and Here- it has been 80ish in Kehl since he arrived.  Here, we had a storm pass through today that dropped rain, hail and even a tiny amount of snow on us over the course of 1/2 hour!  Go figure!

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  1. did you get your passports yet? hope you aren’t caught by the US govt shutdown… :-(

  2. Yes! We have all passports, knock wood. I dunno if this could have an affect on our visas. My understanding is that we are waiting on the German Govn’t, not the US. But, I guess we shall see. Would not be pleasant to have to be apart longer because of that!

  3. OMG! It’s really happening! You are SO brave!

  4. Looks beautiful. Blessings!


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