Apr 062011

David’s plane took off around 4:30.  That seems like a real thing, doesn’t it?  We should hear from him on skype tomorrow morning our time when he arrives.

Everyone keeps asking how I am doing.  Honestly, I think we are all doing OK.  But, I am a little numb today.  Emotionally numb, I mean.  My back and feet  and fingers are letting me know just how many boxes I have been packing!  Emo-wise, I am still processing, I think.  On one hand, I am greatly relieved that we have gotten to this next step in the process.  There has been so much unsurity all the way through that having something concrete to point to- like David actually being on a plane on his way to Germany, for instance- seems like something I can hang my hat on.  It is comforting.

On the other hand, I am still a little in denial about being separated from David and about how much work there is still to do! The house is a bloomin’ mess, and we are getting down to more of the stuff that we either use all the time or have no clue what to do with.  There is no denial about the changes that have occurred at this point, though.  The Craigslisting and garage sale last weekend had significant impact.  Our dining room table and chairs are gone.  Couch and bookshelves will go Saturday morning. David’s car left last week.  All the household surfaces that aren’t the box-&-sorting-strewn-floor are almost entirely empty.  The garage is downright unrecognizable.  Oh, and our bank account is, at least temporarily, looking better, too!

He actually sold a space ship and pilot

Speaking of which, here is a fun one- David sold some virtual property (from a game) for as much as we are getting for one of the cars!  That may seem odd to non-gamers, but in reality it makes a lot of sense.  He spent years working on the game that allowed him to have the virtual property and developing a reputation that would make someone else feel comfortable doing that kind of business with him.  The property itself will allow someone else to engage in game play at a level they couldn’t without it.  It gives them some of the prestige David invested his time in creating- a fair trade for all.  So, Props to David!

For some reason I don’t quite understand, I have gained 5 lbs over the last week and my hands are swollen.  All I can figure is that because we have been eating out a lot my sodium intake must be really high and I may be holding water?  Honestly, I am snacking less and expending more energy than usual so the sudden weight gain seems unlikely to be related to that.  I suppose it could be the stress/cortisol factor.  But, whatever the case I am going to concentrate on more meals at home now that David is off and going.  Hopefully that will help me arrive in Germany shaped like me and not a sloshy bowling ball!

One use for a sloshy bowling ball….

Interestingly, while we were at the pharmacy trying to chase down one of David’s prescriptions before he left, we each took one of those blood pressure tests.  Mine was 116/69 and his was 108/70.  Not bad given the circumstances, I think!  (suggested optimal is around 120/80, so quite good for both of us!)

Once again, my hats off to all those military, merchant marine, and other kinds of families who routinely must spend significant time apart.  Not really the way I am wired!  Insecure control freak that I am, I like having my husband and kids within shouting distance at all times. 

Alright, well I sent David with my camera, so hopefully we will start getting some images and reports from him, soon!  Tschau for now!

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