Apr 022011
(Or at least WILR- What I Learned Recently)

  • People from Craigslist are pretty much just as flaky as I thought they might be.
  • Most of those files that I kept in my over-stuffed filing cabinet were not actually Important Documents.  They were, instead, useless crap.
  • It is always good to double-check travel arrangements.  David’s train ticket from Frankfurt to Kehl was for the day before he would actually arrive!
  • While some keepsakes are truly special and evoke wonderful memories, others are just… well, being kept for the sake of keeping them….
  • Recycling is my friend.
  • People really don’t seem to like the Frankfurt airport. 
  • Travel adapters are confusing to people from all different nationalities.  The guys from England and Italy (who joined us in scratching their heads over the plug adapter display at Fry’s) both agreed that the international community really needs to get on a standardization protocol and pronto! 
  • Some combination of work, stress and weather seems to make my hands swell up.
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey doesn’t taste 1/2 bad!
  • No matter how crappy you think something is, there is someone out there who wants it…. Only, they may not be willing to be bothered to come pick it up.
  • No matter how great you think something is, there is someone out there who will beg you for it- only they still may not be willing to be bothered to pick it up.
  • “I’ll call you tomorrow when I have a truck and come pick that up” means “Nevermind”
  • “I get paid tomorrow, I will call you when I have the money” means “Nevermind”
  • “I will paypal that money tonight” means “Nevermind”, as well.
  • Those vacuumable travel/storage zip-locked things are actually pretty fun!
  • Every teen-aged store-clerk has a secret fantasy about visiting Germany.  Also, they can’t believe we are going, but they are SOOOO happy for (us) guys, nonetheless.
  • Whether sincere or not, that last thing is actually pretty sweet.

  2 Responses to “What I Learned Today”

  1. It may not feel like it, but you guys are doing great! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Carmel! I am starting to really look forward to it. But, between now and then there is so much to deal with. In some ways it is such a different set of challenges than our “normal” day to day life, but, then we all still need to eat and breathe and sleep and such, so I guess not that different after all!

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