Mar 302011

7 Day Countdown 

So, today was eventful.   We have a time-frame!  David will be flying out of LAX on the 5th!  His journey will take him through London and Frankfurt, include 2 cars, 2 planes and a train, and last approximately… well, lets see…

    30 mins car to airport
  2:00 hours at the airport
10:30 hours on the first plane
  3:15 layover in London
  1:30 second plane to Frankfurt
~2:00 train ride to Kehl + pickup
  19:45 travel time

Methinks the DH may just be a wee bit exhausted at that point!  He will leave here in the mid afternoon of the 5th and arrive there in the early evening of the 6th.  I guess, technically, if he gets some sleep in there sometime he ought to sort of be on schedule when he arrives?

Whatever the case, the general plan is that he will go on ahead and get started on work as a contractor.  He will stay with Vladimir and his roomy and do his best to start learning the lay of the land and prepping things for the kids and me.  We will stay here until the paperwork goes through and deal with the main portion of the move.  Being apart will suck, but there is a certain logic to doing things this way.

This is getting seriously real now!
We spent the weekend clearing out the garage.  Thanks to an assist from my dad, we now have the garage separated into two main piles: Store & Sell.

Acheron in a rare local snow

In other garage-related info, once we got the flight itinerary we decided things were firm enough to sell David’s car to our awesome bagelmonger!  It is weird not having Acheron in the driveway, but it is nice knowing it has gone to an appreciative new owner.  And he promises we can visit it whenever we want :)   As David said, this is really the first irreversible change we have made, so it is definitely a turning point.

We also stopped by the bank and learned about ordering Euros and using our bank card in Europe.  Apparently there is a flat charge of $30 to order the Euros.  And then a 3% “conversion fee” when we use the bank card in Europe.  Not great, but could be worse, I spose.  One of the things David will try to do once he is there is get set up with a German bank account, so that should make things easier- or at least cheaper, knock wood.

Furniture Trials

We are still trying to decide whether it makes more sense to go with the larger shipping container or to purchase more items once we arrive.  I spent some time today researching Ikea’s entire French and German catalogs trying to figure out what replacement items would cost.  I am starting to think we might be able to go with a smaller container, but beds are going to be key.  I can’t quite figure out the way the European mattresses work.  The sizes don’t seem to add up properly for the larger “Double” beds (which seem to be equivalent to our Queen size).  For instance, Ikea sells Double Beds that range from 40 Euros to a couple hundred.  They are all 207 CM long, but their width varies from 147 cm to 170 cm.  The only mattresses they sell, though, are all 200 cm long and 90 cm wide!  I originally thought maybe two were supposed to fit, but with those dimensions, this does not seem to be the case.  Also, the mattresses are WEIRD!  For instance, these beds seems to be typical for what I am seeing.

  You have a bedframe.  Then you have either a boxspring with a small pad on it, or you have like a futon-sort-of-thing and nothing else, with all your bedding on top of that.  I can’t tell whether this bed-bag style bedding is typical, or just to show off the mattresses better?  They seem to show both this and more typically American style comforter sets, etc. European-knowledgeable friends and family, does any of this make sense to you?

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