Mar 262011

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David hadn’t made contact with Germany last night and I was feeling exasperated.  I figure we only have a brief window of communication potential each day. So, I was craving some reassurance in the form of a teeny missive from our Non-German, German contact.  I believe my quote was “How the heck does software ever get made?!  You people don’t know how to communicate!!!!”   David, being a wise and weathered husband at this stage, silently rolled his eyes.  But, he obliged me with a brief note to Vladimir discussing our efforts to get move-quotes and mentioning, in passing, my desire for info.  Moments later, Vladimir called!  I am starting to develop quite a soft spot for this unseen, poetically-named, English-speaking non-German!

Here, I would just like to take a moment to give myself some Kudos.  I was so good!  I didn’t hover.  I stayed upstairs at my computer completing my morning Farmville chores (yay English Countryside!) and morning correspondences.  I caught one phrase from David “I think that schedule is…. aggressive!”  Hmmmmm.  And yet, I stayed away.  Willpower is a wonderful thing when it actually works…..

So, anyways…. About 20 minutes later David arrived upstairs, notebook in hand.

“Ok, so that was Vladimir….”

Before he could get started, the phone rang again.  This time it was one of the moving companies calling to give us a quote.  10 more minutes, more notes in the notebook.  Good info!  But, first, news from Vladimir….

Wait, phone rings again!  This time it is someone wanting to buy our dresser off Craigslist.  Yeesh.  I like all the movement, but let the man talk to me, Me, ME! (Willpower here, may have failed me, but not much to be done except wait for David to get off the phone.)

Finally the phone stopped ringing long enough to get some info through.  The gist of it is that they really like the idea of David coming up early.  Really-Really like it.  Basically, they have an initial project picked out for him that will require as much time as he can give it-  dauntingly so, in fact. It has a hard deadline of early-June since they want it ready for E3.  As David said, sort of an aggressive schedule! According to Vladimir, they still want David in Germany by the 1st (yeah 6 days from now “the 1st”) if possible.  Holy Mackerel!  That is not a lot of time.

Apparently in Germany you must register with the government as a freelancer before you can do contract work, so they need to determine whether David will need to do that.  But, whatever the case they want him there pronto.  He would stay with Vladimir and another guy who works for the company until the paperwork goes through.  Then they would set him up as a real employee, get the temporary housing going, and send for me and the kids.  And away we go!

We spent the rest of the day packing, reeling, fielding phone calls from Craigslist & moving companies, planning and packing some more.  Our current thinking is that we will try to push David’s trip at least until after next weekend so we can get one more garage sale and more Craigslisting done before he goes.  As mentioned before, I am not great with those things, so having him take lead has been a blessing.  But, it looks  like the main part of the move will be on me.  We did finally get DD’s passport, so that is our last Must Have piece of documentation.  Gonna need to rent a dumpster, lug a ton of stuff to storage and start packing those things that we use frequently, but that won’t be in our luggage.  Still not sure what we will do with the last minute furniture and appliances (Not going to be able to take or store the Refrigerator, for instance, nor will I be able to move it on my own….)  I come from a logistically-talented family, but this thing has a lot of pieces to juggle….  We stopped at Staples to get me a new Moving Notebook…. organization seems rather essential.

“Ours is the one in the middle……”

Oh, the moving quotes- MUCH better than the first one.  Essentially, there is a basic unit which runs about 2k, give or take, and is 7x7x4.  Small.  But, the next size up may be doable if we are ruthless and avoid taking all but a couple pieces of furniture. Beds will stay (or get donated), a few bookshelves and the kitchen island go, if possible.  Clearly Ikea and whatever the Germans do in place of Craigslist will have to be our best friends upon arrival.  The movers ship door to door and it will take 5-6 weeks.  Interestingly, we found out that the moving companies have to open each box and make a complete inventory of our stuff!  I guess this makes sense when dealing with customs, but we hadn’t expected it.  Not really comfy with movers inventorying my dainties…. Maybe those vacuum pack bags Mom got us will come in handy there! 

Amusingly, Vladimir forwarded David a company-wide invite to see Sucker Punch in English and with refreshments provided on the 14th.  Given the reviews it has been getting, this may be less incentive than Vladimir intended, but it still seemed like a pleasant effort if nothing else.  Actually, I am sort of curious to know how our new group of disparate compatriots parse this particular piece of FANtasy.  More on that when it happens!

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  1. any more dressers for sale? we’re looking for a decent size one with at least 5 drawers :)

    Sounds like a crazy adventure – good luck!

  2. Hey, Steph! Hang in there! Lots going on, but the rewards will be great.

  3. Thanks to both of you!
    Sharie- We may, actually. We are still figuring out which items to store/ship/sell, but we have 3 large dressers and it seems likely we will be parting ways with all three. I will send photos once we know for sure.

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