Mar 232011

Got word yesterday that there has been a delay with the Government Approval (again?).  They are now expecting it to take an additional 2-3 weeks.  Oof.  At first I was terrified that things were unraveling, but the word we are getting is that everything is still fine (knock wood), it is just slow.  Also, our dear, sweet Main Contact, Vladimir has offered to let David come up early and stay with him so he can start getting things set up/get acclimated./etc.  Got to think this through….

The additional time has some pros and cons, of course.

Pro- We have more time to learn German
Pro- We have more time to cull through things and get our stuff organized
Pro- Kids get more time in their current classes (DD is loving her novel-writing class, and DS always has fun with science!)
Pro- More time with local family and friends
Pro- More time for weather in Germany to get a little warmer
Con- Money Money Money, the longer we are here, the longer we are skating on no income.
Con- International School Application needs to be in at the beginning of April and requires an Attestation of Employment…. which we won’t have if David is not technically employed, yet!

One option that has come up is that David may be able to go early and work as a “consultant” until his paperwork comes through.  That way he could get started while we finished up the moving process here.  This also has some pros and cons, of course… not the least of which is having the family separated while we are all dealing with extremely difficult stressful things!  Definitely need to get more info and mull this over….

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