Mar 152011

So, everyone has been telling us how COLD it is in Germany.  And, absolutely, it it a lot colder than the kids and I have ever experienced.  What I didn’t realize, though, is just how WET it is!  And, what is even weirder to my desert-dwelling mind: the rainy season peaks July-August! Who knew?

Well, er, clearly residents of Strasbourg/Kehl and the surrounding areas knew, of course… But, still.  Sort of confuses my mind.  Summer isn’t generally wet where I come from!

I downloaded this graphic from a site that keeps track of climates around the world.  It is for Strasbourg, since that is the closest metropolis to our destination.

Strasbourg Climate graph contributed by

 Today’s Developments
  1. Got email from Spellbound saying they can’t legally sign the contract until our work permission comes through, which should be in a week.  Knock wood.  It is a little scary to realize that this still *could* fall through without our ever doing anything to cause it!
  2. Also got email asking if it wouldn’t be easier for us to negotiate/coordinate with the moving companies ourselves.  So, I sent away for quotes from the two companies they suggested.  News Pending.
  3. Renewed efforts to get information from Frau Frankenstein and the European International School.  Went so far as to fill out the initial application for the latter.  Now they want a pile of paperwork akin to that needed to start school in the US: vaccination cards, birth certificates, transcripts, etc- as well as some unusual things that would prove we qualify: a letter from David’s employer stating he is allowed to work in the country, for instance.  Guess that goes on the To Do list.
  4. Ordered Lands End parkas on sale for DH and DM (that would stand for Dear Me!)  Please see above for my reasoning.  Also, Thanks to my mom for gifting us all with long undies.  I am sure we will be happy for those during those chilly evenings!
  5. Oh, and for all those who asked- The Garage Sale went well!  I stayed OutOfTheWay ™ and David and DD handled the whole thing.  Worked for me :-)  We plan to have another go before we go, as it were.

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