Mar 112011

Any of you who have had children know the phenomenon that happens when your (or your spouse’s or some other involved party’s) womb hangs up the “occupied” sign.  As you begin your preparations to welcome your new family member, the Village finds its Voice.  Everyone from your mail carrier to Great Aunt Martha to the guy with the cardboard sign by the side of the freeway seems to have an opinion, a story- and, apparently, free-license to make it known to you.  I am not going to say this situation is perfectly analogous, but, I am pretty sure the Freeway Sign Guy was pointing to a map of Germany when we drove by last time.

Now, Gentle Readers, I am quite certain that none of you would consider anything of the sort!  However, on the off chance that you feel the urge to increase- rather than decrease- our panic, consider the following.  Should you desire perhaps, to point out the story of your Uncle’s cousin who got to Europe only to discover that he was allergic to French People. Or, relay the tale your dear friend who was attacked by gypsies and never heard from again.  Or, perhaps, describe the incarceration of your roommate’s best friend who had Interpol and the IRS chase her down in an airport for filling out the wrong form. Should you have the overwhelming urge to tell us one of these amusing yarns…

please, don’t.

 I am very proud of having found this photo 😛

For the record, this is hard.

Yes, it is exciting!  It is a fabulous opportunity!  No doubt whatsoever.  But, yeah, it is hard- also,scary as heck.

Saturday we have our first garage sale.  We will be selling some things that I have had my whole life.  Thankfully, David is taking lead with the sales, because, I think I would be a wreck…. Ok, fine, part of me already is a wreck.  DS definitely gets his pack-rat tendencies from me!  Part of it feels Great.  Clearing things out, simplifying, culling and liquidating.  It is a freeing experience…. 8/10 of the time.  The other 1/5 I find myself turning into emotional mush as I consider life without that scratched up old dresser that I have used since I was 10. 

And, yeah.  I don’t much like Santa Clarita.  It is hot, remote, dusty, and I have never really felt like I fit.  On the other hand, gosh it sure is pretty during Spring, there are people and places we will definitely miss (Hi Guys!), and I do like that local Donut Shop.

And, yes!  Employed Husband is wayyy better than the alternative!  Really looking forward to that!  On the other hand, our finances are pretty shot and don’t look likely to recover overnight.  We are going to a place I will desperately want to explore with the dictate that we Must Be Frugal… This may be a challenge.  Is it a challenge I am willing to take?  Heck yeah!  But, will it be easy?  Nope.  Gonna take some grit, juggling and creativity.

And then there is all the stuff we Just Don’t Know.  School Stuff, Living Stuff, Transportation Stuff- oh yeah, and German…. 

So, like I said, panic is setting in.  We have 3 weeks to get this puppy on the road and Whooyah!  It is one large, messy dog!

Current Situation:

1) Got the contract!  Translated it and printed it out and will send it back tonight.  Looks like it has all the missing parts, so, Yay!  Granted, some of the translations are still a little nebulous (for instance, there is a reference to “business relationships inside and outside the farm” that I suspect may not be exactly what is intended), but, it seems good enough to give us confidence that this is, indeed, the contract we were looking for!

2) Garage Sale Saturday from 9-2.  Lots (and lots) of Books, Clothes, furniture, Stuffed Animals, Toys, Stereo, Exercise Machine, Fans, Furniture, a sewing machine, and many many other things.  If you are local, stop on by!

3) Still trying to find out the size on the shipping container!

4) Trying to finish up my work project so I can focus full-time on what needs doing.  Going slower than I had hoped… The carpenters and painters working outside my window today may not have been helpful with my ability to focus.

Shade, exploring as usual.
5) 2 wonderful rats looking for a home.  They are about 1.5 years old.  They are VERY well-socialized and extremely cute.  Let me know if you are interested.

6) AHHHHHH!!!!!! (had I mentioned that already?)

7) Er, trying to stay focused and calm.  The kids will tell you I am currently failing, but, I think it just will take a little practice.

Petal before she gained a few ounces

8) Tomorrow I start work on The Master List.  Also, need to rent a storage unit and start shuttling stuff over.

9) No word from either School.  Going to need to get more proactive there.

10) Gotta learn more about Money and how to get all our bills paid/banking done, etc.

11)… and so much more!

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