Mar 082011
“Hello David,

We already submitted all the required papers to the ministry of labor and completed all the necessary formalities to get you work permission (this is a separate process from finalizing the actual contract).

In less than two weeks the permission will be granted and we will be glad to get you here as soon as possible. We will book a flight for you and your family, setup the place to stay and will assist you with containers. Today we Set up a desk for you in our office, so the things are definitely progressing on our side 

Also A. will send you the revamped contract today at the latest.”

Yipes!  So, um, I guess we need to get going on this stuff.  We got DD’s passport application off yesterday.  We had tried this weekend, but the line was dauntingly long.  This time we were only behind one guy, but it still took an hour.  As I said on FB- If time is of the essence, avoid getting in line for the incompetent-but-friendly postal worker assisting the doddering-old-man with his paperwork!

David put up some things for sale on Craigslist yesterday.   That does seem to get the word out!  We have had calls and emails about everything so far except the couch.  Guess we need to do another batch ASAP.
Looks like we will be having a garage sale this weekend if the weather holds.  Lots of books, kids books, educational books and items, a 5-cd stereo, clothes, furniture, electronics, videos, DVDs, stuffed animals, decorative items and whatever else we can find.  Come on out and see what we have to offer!

  2 Responses to “Oh My…. I think this may actually be happening.”

  1. octoberfest here i come!… um, i mean congrats that things are moving along!

  2. We hope and expect to be blessed with lots of visitors! I warn you, though. We also expect to be in a small apartment with a futon in the living room. Just reliving the college years!

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