Mar 052011
Is it possible to feel completely overwhelmed by change and also stuck and immobile?  If so, I think that is where I am right now.  It is all “wait and then expect to hurry up” on this end.  Our contact is on vacation until Tuesday, his boss, we think, is at GDC, the contract is “in the works- with the CFO”, and no word on the visa.  Also, no one seems to know what size the moving allotment will be- just the cost.   In short, it has been 2 weeks of no visible progress, which is starting to make me a little batty. 
Of course, since I am a little batty, so are the kids.  DS in particular.  The poor boy alternates between being James-Franco-mellow and Twilight-level overwrought.  Some friends have expressed surprise that DS is the one having moving-pangs.  But, as I have explained, he tends to get attached to things.  Lots of things.  Nearly every thing, really.  The house.  Plants.  Clothes.  Paper towels.  It doesn’t really matter what.  Everything seems to have an emotional association for him, so everything is a potential trigger.  The city is awash with emo-inducing locations, items, people, and experiences for him.  Have I ever mentioned that my kids can be a little exhausting? 
This week was particularly exhausting for me because I have a new quick-turn around work project and David was away for 3 days visiting his parents.  As I have mentioned, we are doing a bit of the Bon Voyage tour- trying to see as many folks as we can, while juggling the move- and finances.  He had a nice visit!  But, it meant the kids and I were on our own, and we were apart as a family for the second week in a row.  This is always a little stressful. But, add in the upcoming move and the fact that we still have no specifics (everything is still operating off ether and promises)?   Well, let us just say that my blood pressure, which is almost always low, is probably pushing its way up to normal about now! 
Now, those of you who know me well, know that I am cursed with a creative and detail-oriented mind.  This may sound like a great asset- and at times it can be.  But, one of the drawbacks is that I have this terrible tendency to mentally wander to every horror. I can find a thousand scary scenarios that fit any set of data.  This particular situation has my mind leaping around to everything from Con Men to Slave Traders.  My current favorite mental scenario is that our German contact is no longer actually working for the company.  He went a little crazy, see, and got fired, – but, not before he fixated on DH.  So, no one else at the company actually knows that he is “hiring” David.  By the time we discover the truth, we will have sold 1/2 our household and invested a fortune in passports, visas and European Electrical Converters.  Yeah… I gotta be careful or someday I am going to go all Charlie Sheen.
Anyways, every morning while my mind is insisting on skipping through all these, er, entertaining places, I force myself into the same mental conversation: “Quit yer stressing and whining!  There, that is better.  Now- what can you do?”  My mantra is inspired by the twelve steps, I guess-  Control what you can, and don’t worry about the rest.  Sometimes it even works.
So here is what we are doing:
1) Cleaning and clearing and packing.  We are dividing things into groups- Storage, Sell/Give, Trash, Take If We Have Room and Definitely Take.  For now we are concentrating on the first three categories.
2) Lining up buyers for Big Ticket Items.  Speaking of which- if you happen to have an interest in a Yellow Kimball Baby Grand or a Blue 2000 Mazda MPV please let me know :)
3) Learning German.  Hey, who ever regretted learning another language?
4) Getting our finances in order as much as possible.  I am working as much as I can, and we are being frugal.  We want to have as large a buffer as possible when we arrive because we know there will be a lot of set up costs- and probably a fair number of unexpected expenses.  And, hey, should our contact actually be an obsessive, slave-trading, delusional con man, well, it never hurts to have a little extra cash squirreled away, right?
5) David is going to write and request a schedule from his future company so we will have more to go off of.  I think we expected them to have sent one by now, but maybe they just haven’t thought of it! 
Ok, well as you can see, still nothing much to report, but I promised updates, so updates you well get!  Hopefully soon they will be filled with First Impressions and Photos of the Rhine.

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