Feb 242011
View from our balcony in Morro Bay

I am currently out of town with the kids at a vacation house my mom and her hubby rented in Morro Bay.  I told the kids this was a trial run for Europe.  We are walking a ton, trying new things, and adapting to an unusual environment.  We are also practicing our German.  Luckily Mom and Mark both speak more German than we do, so it is all good!  Granted, we are still at the “wait, there is a cow, how do you say ‘cow’?” stage of language acquisition.  But, you have to start somewhere!  So far despite some tired-poutties the first evening, everyone seems to be doing well.  Knock wood.  It doesn’t hurt that it is a truly gorgeous place, either.  I am told Germany will have that advantage as well, so I am counting on that to take the edge off on those edgy, homesick evenings.

Kids at the Bird Sanctuary

In the meantime, DH is home trying to refresh his coding skills and continuing the marathon of prepping for the move.  He is packing, culling and conversing with our German contacts.  I am told our recycling bin is overflowing with discarded Magic the Gathering cards and various unused ancient gaming paraphernalia.   Perhaps to help soothe the loss, some of his gaming friends have taken pity on his temporarily single state. They have been staying up gaming with him into the wee hours of the night.  A man needs distractions!

Latest News:

  • They sent yet another contract- this one with more info on copyrights, but still no mention of the items specific to our deal.  We are told this will get rectified RSN.
  • The CEO is still out!  But, he is expected back er, RSN.  Actually, maybe as soon as tomorrow.  Once he returns, the process is hoped to get rolling along.  But, of course, I suspect he may have a few things on his plate other than us.  You know, stuff like running the company and maybe getting re-acquainted with the staff that he already has on hand!
  • Our contact isn’t certain what our moving allowance will be but expects us to be able to bring “2 boxes”, each of which cost “like 1,000 EU” to ship….  We have no idea how large those boxes might be.  I am picturing a smallish “pod” style shipping container, but I am eager to learn more.  Right now they could be jewelry boxes for all we know!

This coming month seems like it will largely be a balancing act between seeing our family and friends and trying to prepare for the trip.  We are really enjoying seeing folks, but there is a little sadness in there, too, because we know we won’t be able to see a lot of people for about a year after we leave.  I am talking up Skype bigtime.  Not as good as a real hug, but at least a practical way to see how tall the kids are getting in real time.

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