Feb 172011

David checked in this morning.  The CEO is still sick.  That flu is nasty!  But, they expect to have the German language version of the contract completed tomorrowish.  Every time we awaken to no contact I get worried.  As we get up about the time they are knocking off work for the day, any contacts that we are going to receive that day will generally be awaiting us first thing in the morning.  If we have no news, I often engage in morbid fantasies about all the things that could be going wrong without our ever knowing.  So, it is a comfort to confirm that they are working on the contract.  I assume the translation process won’t be instantaneous, but just being reassured that everything is still chugging along on their end lets me get focused on my day. Once we have a visa in the works and a signed contract my sources of stress will be cut by… well, ok only really by like 1/100th, but still, it will be a comforting step!

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