Feb 162011

Bienvenue!  Willkommen!  Welcome!
And Greetings.  For those of you who may not know me yet- or those who do know me but need to get caught up- introductions are in order.  My name is Stephanie Paris.  Thus the catchy title.  Our family generally likes to regard most of life as an adventure.  But, recently life has handed us a doozy and several of my friends and family have prevailed upon me to to write about it.  Last week my husband accepted a job offer in Kehl, Germany.  So, away we go!

First, the characters in our little story…

The Paris Family

Me in a Holiday Sweater

Stephanie- That’s me!  I am a freelance educational writer, which means I write those books and workbooks that teachers use to help them in the classroom or parents buy to help their kids get ahead [ Please see the page at right or click here for links to my work].  I am also a homeschooling mom of two (see below).  My background is, perhaps not surprisingly, in education.  I have been both a classroom teacher (grades 2/3) and a computer lab specialist for an elementary school.  I am Californian.  I am REALLY Californian.  My family has been continuously in CA for 8 generations on my Mom’s side.  And, while I do love to travel, I haven’t had many opportunities. I have never lived anywhere outside of California.  Heck, I have never lived anywhere with weather.

DH and DS

David- My husband of 17 years.  About a decade ago David decided to switch directions.  He went from a traditional Silicon Valley career in software engineering to one following his lifelong passion in computer games.  He has been an engineer, a designer, a manager and a producer in his chosen field- often all at the same time.  David’s family moved around a lot when he was a kid so his desire has always been to settle down somewhere and stay put.  But, somehow that has not stopped us from moving around CA every few years to follow where his career takes us. (Sometimes I may refer to him as “DH” for “Dearest Husband”).  David is brilliant, sardonic, handsome, reserved, supportive and occasionally emotionally clueless.

DD with Rat, Pokemon book, Drawing and DS (game, not brother)

DD-  I am going to avoid naming the kids here for what should be obvious reasons, so instead I will refer to the Elder Child as “DD” for “Dearest Daughter”.  She is 13 and what they like to call “extremely bright”.  How bright?  Well, by the time she was 1 year old she was sorting her bedroom by shape, color, texture and size.  When she was 10 she began teaching herself computer programming and completed several programs. She is quirky, prickly, funny, has an enduring love of Nature and is becoming quite the talented artist.  Public school has not proved to be a “good fit” for her.  Actually, it was a pretty horrible fit.  We pulled her out 2 1/2 years ago and have been successfully homeschooling ever since.

DS at his Arrow of Light ceremony.

DS-  That would be “Dearest Son”.  He is 10 and also “extremely bright”, but in a very different way than his sister.  How bright?  Well, let us just say he could likely invent Flubber, but if he wore glasses he would definitely lose them atop his head.  He would also probably walk into several walls trying to find them.  He loves mechanical engineering and has one of the most untethered, creative minds that I have encountered.  He is the kind of kid who will wake up in the morning and shout “Mom!  Mom! I just realized that centrifugal force is caused by inertia!”  He is also the kind of kid who will see an elderly person at a store and strike up a conversation and help them get their groceries. 

 Next up- Plot and Setting

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  1. Awesome start to your blog Steph, and a great title! I hadn’t heard about the move, but how exciting for you all! Congrats.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

  2. Thanks, Lee! We are all aflutter.
    I have been posting on Facebook, but you may not be seeing those. FB has a weird setting where if you haven’t interacted in a while, it doesn’t show all the updates. You can change it at the options at the bottom of the page.

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